Upcoming Meetings
  • Trustee Meeting - February 13
  • Annual Meeting - March 20 @ 6:30 pm, Wagnalls Memorial
  • Special Meeting - April 24 @ 6:30-7:30 pm, Wagnalls Memorial
  • Trustee Meeting - June 5
  • Trustee Meeting - July 10

*meetings begin at 6:30pm unless noted.

Current News

A Special Meeting for the purpose of discussing and voting on the proposed Bylaws and Declaration Amendment will be held on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6:30pm at Wagnalls Memorial.

Mailbox Compliance

Mailboxes are to be uniform and constructed of rough-sawn cedar. Findings from a recent inspection indicate that nearly half of the mailboxes in our development are not in compliance with the Design Review Manual. Issues range from structural repairs to paint color. Please take a moment to look over your mailbox and make any needed repairs and add a fresh coat of paint if necessary.

There has been difficulty in the past maintaining paint color consistency with the use of Cabot's solid color stain Dune Grey. Apparently, the color is from an expired palette and must be recreated with each purchase. The Board addressed the issue, and at the 10/01/13 meeting voted on a new paint color. The approved color is now Benjamin Moore, Annapolis Gray It can be purchased at the following locations:



The Deed Restriction Coordinator will no longer sell the individual pint-size cans. Quarts can be purchased for approximately $16. Note - The pint-size containers sold at these locations are NOT exterior grade.

Replacement mailboxes can be purchased at Cedar Craft Products, Inc.,
www.cedar-craft.com 614.759.1600. Reference Code #HLK7/D1B Heather Lake.

Other Deed Restriction Enforcement Issues

The board has received several complaints regarding cars, trucks, boats, and trailers being parked on streets and lawns for extended periods. The Vehicle Restriction Policy (see link here) prohibits this activity in Heather Lake. The Covenants and Deed Restriction Policy, adopted on 6/25/01, provide the board authority to fine the offenders and tow non-compliant vehicles. The trustees must consider all legal and financial ramifications when deciding how to best address continuing violations.

Financial Statements and Dues Collection

Please visit the Administration page to review the most recent financial statements. The second half of the 2013 assessment ($135) is due on or before January 1, 2014. If using PayPal please follow the instructions on the invoice and choose "personal" NOT "purchase". Selecting the incorrect tab results in fees charged to the HLHOA account.

HLHA Board Members
  • Administrative - Susan Nutini
    (614) 561-9948
  • Treasurer - Mike Smith -(614) 619-0070
  • Park Co-Manager - Tom Nutini
    (614) 834-4511
  • Park Co-Manager - Pat Martino
    (614) 834-3807
  • Architectural Review - Tara Jones (740) 927-6226
  • Deed Restrictions - Eric Jones (740) 927-6226
  • Position Descriptions